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Mainstream schools

Neurodiversity- Identification, Referral, Communication with Parents and Effective strategies: for Mainstream schools

Specialist Schools

Early Intervention in Neurodevelopmental impairment- Cerebral Palsy, Genetic, Epilepsy, Movement Disorder for Teachers

Mainstream schools

Learning outcomes for Mainstream teachers 

  • Plan and develop creating a Positive Learning Environment and Positive Classroom Management. 
  • Apply strategies of getting the child's attention, dealing with lack of motivation, Overcoming forgetfulness, Addressing attention seeking behaviour. 
  • Communicate architectural and built environment to support a child who lack self esteem, friends, addressing lying, frequent crying, spitting, swearing. 
  • Demonstrate understanding and differentiate  of intellectual disability and specific learning difficulty, Autism Spectrum and Cerebral palsy. 
  • Apply strategies of successful early intervention by class room environment modification for Autism spectrum,  Dyslexia, Cerebral Palsy and Intellectual disability. 
  • Apply effective oral, written and visual communication skills for Paediatric or Early intervention review. 


Three Bridge Primary School, Ealing, London 

“ What we've learned from these sessions has made us rethink some of our approaches to interventions, with a long-term view of the child in mind. What you've shared with us is really useful; we're so grateful".


Expert Advice

The creator of the course, Dr Rahul Bharat, is an experienced clinician working as an expert in the field of Neurodisability and Epilepsy. Every day he meets with families who are concerned about their children’s neuro developmental issues. After meeting with so many parents, it has become clear to him that there is a huge disconnect between the specialist making the diagnosis and the support system provided for the child.

Tackling Uncertainty

Some parents might reject a diagnosis, whilst others may think it is the wrong diagnosis, or that there are other undetected issues in addition to the diagnosis. The course replaces panic with Plan and strategy.  

We designed this course to provide



Understand brain development Neurodiversity and child's behaviour. Escalate and facilitate diagnosis 



Classroom environmental modification, strategies based on Diagnosis, Needs, Weakness and Strengths



The essential 'do's and don’ts' based on the evidence. Early escalation to specialist. Parental support.  


A fantastic clear, simple course that explains vocabulary and terms used. The videos within it are superb.

 Becky Prior, Cornwall Council, Early intervention for Autsim team
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