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Paediatric Non-progressive Neurodisability Foundation Course

Unlocking Empowerment: Building a Strong Foundation for Non-Progressive Neurodisability in Paediatrics

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Language: English

Instructors: Dr Rahul Bharat

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10 CPD points will be awarded upon successful completion of e-learning. 

Why this course?



Paediatric Non-progressive Neurodisability Foundation Course is a comprehensive course designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of non-progressive neurodisabilities in children. This course focuses on the foundation knowledge and skills essential for professionals working in paediatric healthcare settings. Participants will explore various aspects of non-progressive neurodisabilities, including assessment, management, and intervention strategies.

Key Highlights:

  • {Comprehensive coverage of non-progressive neurodisabilities in children}
  • {Focus on foundation knowledge and skills required in paediatric healthcare settings}

What you will learn:

  • {Assessment techniques for children with non-progressive neurodisabilities}
    ${In this module, participants will learn different assessment techniques and tools used in evaluating children with non-progressive neurodisabilities. They will gain knowledge of various assessment domains and how to interpret assessment results for appropriate intervention planning.}
  • Management strategies for children with non-progressive neurodisabilities
    ${This module will explore various management strategies and interventions for children with non-progressive neurodisabilities. Participants will learn about therapeutic interventions, assistive technologies, and ways to support children's overall development and well-being.}
  • {Collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches in paediatric healthcare}
    ${In this module, participants will understand the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches in providing comprehensive care for children with non-progressive neurodisabilities. They will learn effective communication strategies and how to work collaboratively with other professionals to optimize outcomes for the children.}


Course Curriculum

How to Use

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The course Early years solution on Behaviour development disorder, Neurodisability and Ped neurology is split into steps and blocks and solved like the pieces of puzzle to make it doable for Pediatricians. These disorders are so common that paediatrician must own them in routine practice as development is basic science and aware pediatrician is first step for early diagnosis and so early intervention. I have done the course and recommend it for every pediatrician to empower oneself and help children and saving their families with this largely overlooked aspect of pediatrics. The online availability, applied focussed content, affordable cost, certification gives great satisfaction.

Dr Sanjay Niranjan, Senior Consultant Pediatrician, Lucknow, India.

Pediatric Neurology and developmental Pediatrics have evolved over time. What I knew was self taught and many times not correct. First of all this course has made me realise the need to gain more knowledge. The one, two , three approach for any problem is very much doable. E learning has made it possible to interact and discuss issues on a one to one basis. The effort made to prepare the course and make everything digital is commendable. Thank you Rahul for putting me to this learning experience. The knowledge I have gained will translate into better patient care 

Dr Suniel Taneja, Senior Consultant, Pediatrician, Kanpur, India 

It is an innovative approach to Childhood Neurodisability . All relevant topics are covered . The basic ground rules and the 3 step approach highlighted in the workshop has simplified a seemingly difficult topic like Neurodisability. 

Really mind blowing workshop. Learnt a lot from this workshop. My approach towards Pediatric Neurodisability totally changed after this workshop.

Dr Alka Agarwal, Senior Consultant, Gaziabad, India. 

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