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Being a Clinician I work with families and young people with Neurological problems and Neurodisability or Disorders. 

Everyday I meet a parents who are stressed about their child difficulties, diagnosis or future. This course started with identification that Parents need  satisfactory explanation of their child's difficulties and a process to deliver an Early intervention  to achieve the best outcome for the child.

Dr Rahul Bharat ( Founder of Geniuslane)  

Consultant Paediatrician, Lead Neurodisability, Epilepsy and Named Doctor for Safeguarding, Child Development Centre, Hillingdon, London, UKNHS Clinical Entrepreneur, Clinical Safety Officer

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Our Course Cycle

Developing a Child centred course

Early intervention can be a 'one hat for all approach'. It needs knowledge of child's Brain development and pattern recognition to apply strategies effectively. Most important is to improve the understanding of child's need, difficulties and strength to Parents and school.  

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